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No Compromise by Rochelle Alers

BET Books
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4+ Stars

Reviewed by: Brenda Turner

Rochelle Alers‘s continuation of her Hideaway Series, No Compromise, has gone over the top again. If you can  believe  this, even better than his spectacular father Joshua Kirkland. Thirty-two year old, U.S. Army Captain, Michael Blanchard Kirkland is absolutely gorgeous.  He will steal your heart away.

Due to harassment at work, Michael needed to make a decision about his career.  He took a six month leave from his military career, his only love, at the Pentagon. On the day of his arrival at his new home, he attended a surprise birthday party for the mother of a good friend.  He had previously received the invitation, finding out later it was to be a blind date.

After five years recuperating from a divorce and the death of her identical twin sister, Jolene Walker, left Chicago to set up permanent residence in Washington D.C. Jolene, a shockingly beautiful,  thirty year old social worker, was also invited to the party.

The party’s theme was set up around couples. Since her date back out at the last minute, Jolene did not want to go alone.  She called to cancel her invitation to the party. After talking with Paige her friend, Jolene agreed to a blind date with an old friend of Damon's.

It would be her very first blind date. A blind date that would change both of their hearts and lives.

Arriving at the party, Jolene spotted a gorgeous hunk, across the room talking with Damon. She wondered if this man was her date. She was captivated by his gorgeous smile.

Michael spotted Jolene across the room. He was so overwhelmed everything seemed to stop  moving in the room. He didn’t realize that he had also been holding his breath until hr felt the a burning inside his lungs. Michael liked every thing about Jolene from the top of her head down to her feet.

The courtship begins.  And what a courtship, it consisted of acts of chivalry, wonderful meals and romantic gestures.  Michael, the protector, will captivate your heart.

Rochelle has a way of making all of her heroes your heroes.  I found myself falling in love with Michael also.  Jolene did not have a chance.  I loved every thing about this book. It will definitely keep your interest. It is suspenseful and full of drama. A must read, and a re-read treasure.
I rated this book 4+ stars.

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