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Issue 9




Author: Edwina Martin-Arnold

Contemporary Romance

Indigo/ Genesis-Press

Rating: 3 stars

Reviewer: Lauren Jones


Jolie Smith has seen her share of pain in life. From losing her mother to growing up with a distant father, Jolie has dealt with the hand life has given her. She has always risen above her pain and her problems including the secrets of her past. Even now when most of her friends where married and raising their children, Jolie is helping to raise her teenage brother after a very traumatic period in his life. She is enjoying spending time with her brother and watching his popularity as a high school basketball star thrive. She is hoping he can parlay his basketball talent into an athletic scholarship into college. At the height of his popularity, Jolie notices a recruiter scouting her brotherís game. When Jolie looks into the eyes of the recruiter she finds herself in a time warp sending her crashing into past memories of her first love - - Alvin Guillory.

Alvin has seen many high school basketball stars, but the young man he is scouting is absolutely phenomenal. The more he watches this player the more he is impressed. But, when Alvin realizes who his guardian is, he does a double-take. He canít believe that fate is allowing him a second chance with the one and only woman he has ever loved - - Jolie Smith. Alvin realizes that he has to "win" the young recruitís sister over in order to sign him. Although Alvin is scouting this high school player; Alvin is more interested in trying to rekindle a past flame. In order to ignite the past romance, Alvin has to convince Jolie to forgive him for choosing basketball over her more fifteen years ago.

Ms. Martin-Arnold writes a very interesting storyline that blends family and extended family issues and dilemmas into a very believable and endearing plot. The characters are passionate and entertaining. Painful secrets invoke continued mistrust which prevents the dormant passion from igniting. But honesty and forgiveness help to open the doors of Jolieís and Alvinís hearts to expose smoldering embers that spark flames of love. Jolie's Surrender is a touching story of secret betrayal and everlasting love that will surely heat up your summer.

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