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Surrender to Love by Adrianne Byrd

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Connie Quarles


Dr. Julia Kelly had one failed marriage under her belt when she met and married David Lawson. His attention to her daughter and apparent affection for the little girl keep her in the marriage longer than she would have been. But then she sees something that changes her and her daughter's entire life and their world will never be the same again.

Her ex-husband is dead and Julia feels responsible. Now she must shed her life to protect her little girl. Then one fateful night her car breaks down and Carson Webber comes to her rescue.

Carson already had the love of his live when he married his childhood sweatheart, Karen. But Karen died suddenly three years ago leaving him with a little girl to raise and sweet memories that prevent him from seeking love again. Even Sheri Higginbottom whose loved him forever cannot get him back down the aisle. So what attraction is there for this stranger he rescued on a stormy night?

Can Julia and Robin hide in this small, sleepy town and be safe. Can Julia risk her heart and her daughter's safety to love again? Can a new love survive when the stranger puts your pride and joy in danger? This book is one of those page turners that takes you through suspense, mystery, love, family warmth and a tinge of jealously. A great rainy day book.


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