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Love Potions by Leslie Esdaile

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4+ Stars

Reviewed by: Sheila Goss


Love Potions is a vibrant and refreshing story by Leslie Esdaile. The energy jumps off the page. Nicole Gordon or Nikki to her friends is a divorced Mom living in Philadelphia. She has surrounded herself with loving friends and this helps her cope with her loneliness and the fact that her ex-husband left her with a huge amount of debt.

The story begins with a well-crafted conversation among four friends-Delores, Gail, Victoria, and Nikki. They reminisce about the previous day-Valentine’s Day and the lack of male companionship. Victoria who is the oldest out of the friends suggests that the women start doing things for themselves, such as pampering, taking trips, etc. The rest of the ladies insist that they would, if they had the extra money.

Victoria becomes outraged that the women are not taking charge of their financial situations. The ladies brainstorm and come up with an idea to earn extra money.

They use Victoria’s beauty shop for the location of their part-time gig. They decide to host psychic-reading parties by special invitation only. The parties are a success and word spreads all over town about Nikki, "The Love Goddess," and her love potion. The love potion is some powerful stuff; it is a little love mixed with a secret ingredient and it has the whole town wanting a sample.

Adam Bastille is from New Orleans, Louisiana and has started a private investigating firm in the area. He meets Nikki when he’s investigating a crime that was committed against his cousin. Although his mother and friends are believers of "magic," he does not and is very skeptical before meeting "The Love Goddess."

Nikki and Adam are immediately attracted to one another and Adam is drawn into her spell. He also experiments with taking the "Love Potion" and it only heightens his feelings towards the mysterious woman. Neither one is aware that something from their past ties them together. With the help of her friends, Nikki decides to give Adam a try and they begin a relationship that is very fulfilling and stimulating both spiritually and physically.

Although Nikki and Adam are the main characters, the other characters play a major role in the story development. The girlfriend scenes are believable and it confirms how important it is to have friends that support you through good times and bad. The book is full of energy and the excitement is felt throughout the book. It is definitely a page-turner.


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