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When a Man Loves a Woman by Bette Ford

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 STARS

Reviewed by Renee Motley

If you are looking for a change of pace, fast reading romance novel, look no more. Then When a Man Loves a Woman by Bette Ford is the novel for you. It isn't your typical woman meets man, falls in love with man, loses man and finds him again. Oh no, this has a foine leading man, (then again when aren't they?) who is madly in love with the leading lady. Of course, she's in love with him, but too afraid to show it. These two knew each forever! I found this novel to be very entertaining and with a plausible plot with the right dash of romance thrown in. The sensuous romance scenes will bring a smile to your face because they were real and not ones from 'Fantasy Island.' You've probably made some these scenes happen yourself.

Except for the characters being rich, we have met this group of relatives in our own lives and that is what I liked about the book. Her development of a family with problems, but leaning on others to help reminded me of the extended families of old. You know the kind that helped one another.

Ms. Ford made us care for the broken relationship between the main characters and her exceptional character development of the main heroine explained her inability to trust men at all and I began wanting her to get it together. The resolution of the family drama between Amanda and her father should encourage anyone in an abusive relationship that there is a way out. It begins within.

Zachary McFadden had a little family drama himself, but we know that his resolution of the problem with his mother is from Fantasy Island. But, it was nice to read it anyway.

Just reading the back of the book would lead you to believe that Amanda Daniels McFadden was tripping and needed to get over it. Well, there was a lot more going on. I found Zachary McFadden to be very patient almost patient to a fault, but he did assert himself towards the end. This couple had to make choices that real life couples make every day and they were real enough for us to know that we have either been there, done that or know someone who has.

In the trend of most books today, Ms. Ford left us wanting to know more about the other two brothers. I could easily see this novel as the beginning of the family saga, much in the style of Rochelle Aler's Hideway Series or Brenda Jackson's Madaris brothers. If you liked any of the Aler's or Jackson's novels, you won't be disappointed with When a Man Loves a Woman. I would suggest that you read it whenever you have a free evening because you are going to want to get to the end of it. I am looking forward toher next novel. Enjoy, I did.

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