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Love’s Destiny by Crystal Wilson-Harris

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Sheila Goss

Love’s Destiny starts off with Savannah Dailey finding out that her husband has abandoned her and their kids. He leaves her with out a dime and no way of contacting him. Her spirit is broken because she has invested all of her life in her husband and family.

Her sisters step in to help take control of the situation, so that her ex-husband’s leaving doesn’t destroy her family business. Although the sisters love each other, they are not as close as they had once been. They are brought closer and their bond is tighter after dealing with Savannah’s situation. One of the sisters feels like her ex-husband should be found and made to pay for disappearing and leaving her penniless.

Anthony Martin, a Detroit Private Investigator, is brought in to find her missing husband. He struggles with keeping his attraction to his new client a secret. He pursues her and she is reluctant to date him because of various reasons.

As the story develops, Savannah is faced with the murder of her husband. It is up to Anthony to prove that she is innocent. Although he runs into obstacles, his love for Savannah drives him to find the real murderer. Her sisters prove that a family united can withstand anything, by standing by her side throughout the whole ordeal.

The story is a good example of how strong family bonds can be. It also shows how a woman went from being dependent on a man to independent, but yet still she was able to find true love in the process.

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