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The Proposition by Shirley Harrison

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Sheila Goss


Shirley Harrison’s The Proposition grabs your attention from the very beginning. Carolyn Hardy is a no nonsense career oriented woman, who has little or no time for romance. She literally bumps into Michael Hennessey, who is a professional football player, and the sparks fly from there.

In their first encounter, Michael makes the mistake of flaunting his money. She is not impressed by his profession; nor his bank account. She finds his carelessness with his money irresponsible and insulting.

She declines his advances and he decides at the time that she’s not worth pursuing because of her attitude.

Two years later they run into each by chance. Carolyn unwillingly agrees to be auctioned as a Bachelorette in a charity event hosted by her sister. The top bidder is no other than Michael. Michael finds his attraction to Carolyn still there and he is determined to convince her that he is no longer the careless man of two years ago.

Carolyn is a work-a-holic and claims she does not have time for a relationship. She ignores his advances at first, but he is finally able to break down her defenses. They get off to a slow start because of many interruptions. However, once they are together, Carolyn slowly lets her guard down and begins to see him as a caring and giving man.

The suspense comes into play when Michael is forced to make a decision to protect not only his immediate family, but Carolyn as well. He gets caught up in a web of deceit that jeopardizes his reputation and his relationship with Carolyn. His world begins to crumble and he is unsure if Carolyn will be there when the dust settles.

This is your classic romance novel but with a special twist. These two strong characters are able to realize the importance of believing and trusting in one’s self and in their mate.

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