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Issue 9



An Unfinished Love Affair

Author: Barbara Keaton

Ratings: 3+

Genesis Press ISBN 158571074-1

Reviewer: Cheryl A. Walton-LeCompte


The first thing that was intriguing about this book was the book’s cover. Readers are allowed to observe a man and a woman (who are obviously very much in love with each other) during a very intimate "heart warming" stare or gaze into each other’s eyes. I immediately thought of the saying that…"the eyes are the windows to the soul". The passion and the look on their faces are enough for one to pick up the book and witness, first hand, the love affair between these two individuals.

After reading the Prologue of "An Unfinished Love Affair" and the first few chapters of the book, I was hooked. In the beginning pages, we are introduced to Allen Dawson and Kayla Martin. Allen is a man who is afraid of a lifetime commitment and at the age of 27, does not feel that he is ready to give Kayla the type of commitment she is seeking. Instead of opening the lines of communication and voicing his fears to Kayla, he takes the easy way out by ending their three-year relationship. He further "pours salt into the open wound" by confessing to Kayla that not only is he not the man for her, but tells her that he does not love her. Kayla is left devastated, hurt, shocked and mortified.

Kayla is confused beyond words. She is on an emotional rollercoaster and is thinking to herself that she has given Allen her "special gift" that she wanted to save for the man whom she would one day marry, share her dreams with and be the mother of his children. Little does she know that Allen Dawson has other plans.

This couple breaks up and over a ten-year period, never come in contact with the other until one snowy evening while Kayla is waiting for a cab during a winter in Chicago.

Allen happens to have an office building in the downtown area and sees Kayla while he is walking to his car. He offers her a ride home and she reluctantly accepts. The lines of communication are not quite the same and Kayla and Allen both are at a lost for words. All of the hurt and regrets for the two of them come back in the short drive to Kayla’s loft.

During the ten-year absence, Allen has been married and is now a single father raising his son, Daniel. He has also opened his own business (Dawson Design Incorporated) and is a very successful businessman. Kayla is a divorcee and for the past seven years, she has been a full-time Professor of Creative Writing at East-West University. She is single and very happy with her success and accomplishments.

Both individuals are still looking for love in all the wrong places. Will they be able to

put an end to the "Unfinished Love Affair"? Or …Will life continue to take them in

opposite directions? This book is filled with the bonds of lasting friendships, forgiveness, drama, unforgettable scenes and maybe a few "second chances".

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