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Simply Marvelous by Shelby Lewis

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by Connie Quarles


I spent half the book trying to remember if I had read their story which lead to this book. Three times I set it aside to read something else. For me it was a slow read until the midpoint and then the story picks up. But to understand the whodunit, you needed to get to know the characters and their complexity.

Daisy truly loves Kenneth, there is no doubt about that. However, can two very independent career people compromise for true love. Right when Kenneth decides relocating might not be so bad, except what would he do in this quiet town considering he is a PI. Then his beloved's garden show starts popping up bodies and he is embroiled in a whodunit and has to protect the woman he loves. Will this drama cause them to realize that love is what is important in love? Read Simply Marvelous. Just be patient reading the background because it is important.

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