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Issue 9



May December Souls

Author: Marissa Monteilh

Avon Books ISBN 0-06-00732-X

Rating 3 stars

Reviewed By – Cheryl A. Walton-LeCompte

Mariah Pijeaux, a 40 year old widow and mother of three is faced with a number of heart wrenching issues in her life. First of all, she was abandoned at the age of five by her Father, a Musician and Saxophone player, that left his family to pursue a music career and into the arms of another women, who happens to be White.

For over 35 years, Mariah has tried to deal with the hurt of losing her Father. Now on the eve of her fortieth birthday, she is reminiscing about childhood issues and the heart break that has transpired into her adulthood. She hopes to be able to communicate with her Father and ask the question of…Why he left their family? This isolated incident has left both physical and emotional scars for Mariah and it is in her adulthood that issues regarding relationships and trust have been a great concern for her.

Since the death of Mariah’s husband, she has placed all men in one category and finds herself comparing them to her father. She is afraid of being abandoned by men, therefore she seldom opens herself to anyone that she feels may hurt her and steal her heart.

In the beginning chapters of the book, Mariah is involved with Kareem Washington, her boyfriend of seven years and counting. She knows that she is in a no-win relationship, but needlessly gives Kareem the benefit of the doubt. Whenever questions and topics regarding commitment and marriage surface, Kareem lets her know (in no uncertain terms) that he is not ready and needs to accomplish some personal goals prior to settling down.

Mariah knows that her relationship with Kareem is nothing but a physical attraction. She has a difficult time breaking free of his broken promises to make a lifetime commitment. Kareem is very jealous and always suspects that Mariah is being unfaithful, rather than to place the blame on himself. The relationship with Mariah and Kareem remind me of the song, "We make up to break up, that’s all that we do". Each breakup leads to further questions of trust and although Kareem promises to improve their communication, he always seems to fall into that same rut of being unfaithful and being the forty something year old PLAYER.

Mariah is finally able to terminate their seven-year relationship after careful "soul searching", prayer and by attending frequent sessions with Dr. Singer, an outspoken love specialist who conducts weekly relationship seminars at a local Los Angeles Hotel.

Shortly before her breakup with Kareem, Mariah meets Malik Tolliver. Malik is a young, attractive twenty-one year old man that is drawn to Mariah when they first meet. He is a total change from the men that she has dated and he is very mature for his age. When these two meet, the author allows the fire works to sparkle.

This novel proves that it can stand alone with others and explores aspects of forgiveness, relationships, abandonment, friendship and trust. Readers will especially like the dialogue between Mariah and her friends (Violet, Carlotta and Ariana) when they discuss finding Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

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