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The Art of Desire by Selena Montgomery

BET Books

Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4+ Stars

Reviewed by: Sheila Goss

Selena Montgomery artfully weaves together romance with suspense in her book The Art of Desire. The beautiful Alex Walton is an artist/aspiring writer who has sworn off men after numerous of failed relationships. She excitedly begins her new journey and does not expect to get sidetracked. Then enters the handsome Phillip Thurman.

Phillip Thurman is an agent who was semi-retired until hired to protect the intriguing Alex Walton. Phillip and Alex are both battling old wounds, but their attraction sparks from the moment they meet at the airport. Not only is Phillip struggling to protect her from possible terrorists, but he also struggles to protect his heart.

Alex is unaware of her immediate danger and the suspense starts before they leave the airport grounds. One event after another finally lands them overseas, where Phillip and Alex battle over the truth. Phillip hones in on all of his agent skills in his attempt to save Alex’s life. His greatest fear is losing her, like he lost his ex-fiance.

This romantic suspense is craftily written. Some of these characters overlap from a previous Montgomery novel, Rules of Engagement and the reader is not left disappointed. If the next book is as good as these two were, then she will have another hit on her hands.


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