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Say You Need Me by Kayla Perrin

BET Books
Contemporary Romance

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Brenda Turner

Kayla Perrin proves in this novel that she knows her way around a good love story. “Say You Need Me”  is a book that will keeps your interest from cover to cover. This mystical romance keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

After saving herself for the right guy for twenty-nine years Serena Childs thought that Cecil Montford was the "one". Cecil approached Serena in the library where she worked. After a whirlwind courtship Serena was sure that this was love. Then he disappeared from her life without a explanation .  Cecil had talked Serena out of a large amount of money with the pretense of using it toward a down payment for a store front.

Serena’s life dream was of opening her own an antique store.  And speaking of antiques, Cecil stole a very valuable necklace from Serena which had been a family heirloom. After looking for Cecil for two weeks, she filed a police report of the theft.

Serena Childs had the rare opportunity to date identical twins who look so much alike even past lovers can not tell them apart. Serena herself mistook Darrell for Cecil and slapped his face upon seeing him in a restaurant. Darrell was baffled after flirting with the young ladies across a crowded restaurant and sending her a drink

Upon finding out that Darrell was Cecil’s twin, Serena and Darrell teamed up as amateur detectives trying to locate the missing Cecil. Combing Miami their search leads them to many dangers.

Joining  together as detectives proved that true love can be blind.  Their nearness to each other not only joined them as a couple.  But, because their bond was so great, Serena gave up her virginity. Darrell was the “one.”

Kayla Perrin does a great job of adding conflict and mystery to romance and drama. This book is definitely a winner. I give Kayla a rating of four star.  She is definitely one to watch in the future.

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