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Still the Storm by Sharon Robinson

Genesis Press Inc
IBN: 1-58571-061-X

Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Renee Motley

Jennifer Kelly, professional fundraiser, returns home after a five-year absence to confront her father about the family's past.  A secret he sought not to have discovered by Jennifer was.  Moses and Sarah Kelly, her parents, would rather leave the past alone and rebuild their relationship with their daughter.  When confronted by Jennifer, the Kelly's decide that the only way to rebuild the relationship is to seek out the mystery person from the past and move them towards healing.

Moses introduces his prodigy and surrogate son, Michael Wingate, an ambitious senatorial candidate, to his daughter hoping she will work on his campaign.  The sparks fly early and they are convinced that neither can work with the other.  However, Jennifer, always intrigued by a challenge, agrees to work on the campaign as his fundraiser.  During the short time that they work together, the attraction to one another intensifies.  Although both are intrigued by the possibility of a relationship, yet neither moves to establish one until passion throws them together.

At the end of a successful campaign for Michael, the secrets of both Moses and Michael's past unfold.  The irony of the lives of the mentor and the prodigy are interwoven due to unbelievable circumstances. I cannot reveal this twist in the plot as I do not want to give the story away.  All of the characters are shocked in the realization that no secret is a secret if one or more person knows of the secret.  Ah, what a web we weave when we choose to deceive!

Still the Storm is an interesting and fast read story set in Connecticut.  It was a stretch for me to believe the location, but once past that, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  It is a story of deception, triumphs over adversity and, most importantly, forgiveness.  The author captured the heart and soul of her characters and makes you want all to be well with them.  Overall, I found this a realistic jaunt into the lives of the rich and famous.  It was an easy read and the ending was one that will give you a belief in the happy after ever ending â? even if it took a miracle,  jet plane and a ton of forgiveness to get there.  But, isn't that what life is truly about?

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