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When I Fall In Love by Tamara Sneed

BET books

Contemporary romance

Rating: 4+ Stars

Reviewed by: Shaun Williams


WIFIL was a refreshing blend of romance. It was funny and passionate with an added dose of suspense/drama.

Logan Riley is a handsome, charming eligible San Francisco Police Inspector and close friends with Sean Weston a dedicated FBI agent.

The story starts off with a lil' action on the second page "...In one smooth motion that was worthy of silver screen, Logan dropped to the ground and rolled into the apartment..." with a buildup of growing passion "... Dancing is a lot like sex. It takes the right partner."

Sean has felt like the Ugly Duckling her entire life. In comparison to her stepfamily that is. She is an FBI agent who doesn't want to be ultra feminine, until an invitation to her sisters wedding is given and she finds out she has to take an escort. Sean asks her attractive next door neighbor Logan to be her escort whom she secretly has a crush on.

Logan agrees to help Sean with her dilemma and finds himself in a silent battle with his growing feelings for her. Logan realizes that Sean is the complete opposite to his usual dates, but he finds that the old saying rings true "opposites attract."

As the two try to stop fighting their attraction to one another threats of serious danger bring them closer together. The passionate kisses and embraces they share are nothing compared to the steamy love scene that unfolds between them.

This is Ms. Sneed's third book. Like the others before she will have you laughing, crying and screaming from the first to the last page. WIFIL is a definite page turner that holds you captive with Logan and Sean's love/hate relationship along with good ole' suspense. Tamara also brings back some characters from Love Undercover so we can see what they've been up to.

If you're looking for laughter and a good book to help you unwind from a hard day. When I Fall In Love is just the book to read. I truly enjoyed WIFIL. I give it a 4+ star rating. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Sneed in the future.

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