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The Power of Personal Journaling


by Claudia N. Tynes


Of the four seasons of nature, Spring is my favorite season. I think it's my favorite season because of the new life that blossoms during this time of year. The rainy spring days are instrumental in bringing forth an assortment of budding flowers with sweet-smelling fragrances. The lumpy winter-dried earth transforms into a moist-green blanket of grass.

Springtime and journaling are synonymous to me because both are times for introspection and rejuvenation. Journaling is symbolic to breathing in the warm spring breeze. We breathe in (inhale) all of the uncertainties and realities of life through our prayers, thoughts, dreams, goals, triumphs, and fears.  Through journaling, we breathe out (exhale or expel) them, releasing a vim and vigor of power that renews, refreshes and awakens the soul (our minds, wills, intellects, etc.).

What is journaling? Have you ever kept a journal?  Journal writing is an ancient form of personal writing.  It's history is even recorded during the biblical era with the Psalmist David. He journaled many of the psalms and prayers throughout the Bible. Also Daniel journaled his dreams (see Daniel 7:1) and the interpretations too.  Another definition for journaling is soul writing or writings on the tablets of your heart.

Studies conducted by the American Medical Association (JAMA) disclosed that journal writing is therapeutic.  The studies also revealed that people who write about their most unsettling experiences feel better afterwards and have fewer doctor visits. My own experiences as a journaler validate this research.  I can certainly attest to the fact that there is power in personal journaling.

As an avid journaler for over 18 years, journaling helped me to gain insightful revelations concerning my purpose. Journaling has transformed the "stumbling blocks" of my past into "stepping stones"which propelled me into my future and destiny. Ideas for books, magazine articles, personal experience pieces, devotionals, poetry, and greeting cards were birthed as a result of journaling.  Over a year ago, I wrote two monthly columns for the Southern Maryland Writers' Group Newsletter.  "Nuggets for Journaling" was one of the columns, and it can be viewed in the archives at

As a result of journaling my current book, "From Journal Into Print (A Journey to Freedom From Within),"will be released this year by Publish America (  This book chronicles my step-by-step pilgrimage of realizing and fulfilling my dreams of becoming a published author and writer.  It's filled with priceless nuggets, gems of truths,biblical and practical principles, journaling prompts and exercises to encourage others as they travel on the "write" path.
Nuggets of Gold, a compilation of inspirational poetry, was birthed while I was in the furnace of afflictions.  As I gleaned priceless nuggets of gold from the rich soil of the scriptures, I penned them poetic my journal.

Have you come to some crossroads in your writing life and you need directions on which way to proceed?  Do you have goals that seem insurmountable or unattainable?  Are you seeking to know your purpose and destiny as a writer? If your answer is "yes," grab your pen and pad and journal your thoughts, prayers, goals, dreams, etc.  Remember, the power of personal journaling is released when you acknowledge the truth in your inward parts and pen those truths from your heart. Happy Journaling!

Claudia N. Tynes, entrepreneur, author, speaker and teacher.  She has authored two books numerous articles for print magazines and e-zines, short stories, devotionals and poetry.  Claudia speaks and teaches seminars and workshops, both onsite and online, and served as a former columnist for the Southern Maryland Writers' Group News.  She resides in Clinton, Maryland with her husband James, adult son Rodney, and pet rottweiler Romeo.  For more information visit her website at: or e-mail her at