General Information

General Information About Shades Of Romance Magazine Workshops

These are hands on, workshops you can take online without ever leaving your home.

Our workshops are held on a yahoo mailing list. Only registered students for the workshop and our instructors are the only ones on these lists. By offering these classes through e-mail, we've found this enables students to take classes who otherwise would not be able. By utilizing e-mail, students can receive class mail and respond at their convenience. Time differences, computer non-proficiency and clogged service providers are no longer an issue.

You do not have to sign on at a certain time to participate in your class. All materials are provided in the form of handouts from the instructors. The class also includes discussion. You may post questions or get help at any time. You ALWAYS have the option of posting these things privately to the instructor rather than through the class list.

We accept PayPal.

All fees must be paid prior to the first day of class. Refunds are given on an individual case basis at the discretion of Shades Of Romance Magazine. We carefully weigh circumstances.

If you have any questions about workshops e-mail

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