How do the workshops function?

You enroll in the workshop of your choice and pay your registration fee. Just before the start of the workshops, you'll receive an email message telling you that you have been subscribed to a special group email list. On that list will be 2 or more students and your facilitator. Only those enrolled in the course will be able to send to and receive messages from this list. You will receive instructions upon enrolling telling you how to send messages, how to email your assignments, and who to contact when you have questions. The workshop will be conducted through the mailing list, and you'll receive all your workshop materials right in your email box.

Do classes meet at certain times?

No. This is an email correspondence course conducted on a mailing list. You'll be able to read the lessons, assignments and feedback from your facilitator, as well as completed assignments and comments from your fellow students, right in your email inbox.

What do I need to take the workshop?

The ability to send and receive email, any books or materials required for the workshop (see the workshop syllabus for each specific course for required materials), and your enthusiasm.

Do I need a password or access to a special website?

Classes are taught entirely through email, although your instructor may host optional chats at YahooGroups. You don't need any special password to take our courses, but should your instructor decide to host a chat, she or he will provide all the information you need to participate at that time.

Can I get college credits for these workshops?

No. Our workshops are educational in nature, but not academic. We call them "workshops" because they're similar to the intensive seminars taught at conferences.

What can I expect from the workshop? What do I get out of this?

You'll receive assignments, which you will complete and email back to the list. Your facilitator will then provide feedback on your completed assignment, offering suggestions. We also encourage students to comment on the work of fellow students. It's a very interactive, supportive and educational process.

How many workshops can I sign up for? What do they cost?

Most workshops cost $50. At that great price you can sign up for as many as you like. Just make sure you don't sign up for more than you can handle at one time, or you'll miss out on the benefits of each individual workshop. Only you know how much reading and "homework" you can manage. Remember to be reasonable.

Who are your instructors? Are they certified?

Our instructors aren't "certified" in any special way, but they do have to pass through a rigorous approval process before they are accepted to lead a workshop. Some of our instructors are trained educators. All of them have a great deal of experience as professional writers, and some have advanced degrees.

What if I'm not satisfied? Do you give refunds?

We try to provide a good overview of our workshops so those who enroll will know what to expect in the way of content. However, if you require a refund, you must contact your facilitator with your request within the first 5 days of workshop attendance. (Please see our Terms of Service.)

Where do I sign up?

Go to our Workshop Schedule to start exploring our offerings. When you find one that appeals to you, click the PayPal button to register using your credit card, or electronic checking account debit. You'll receive confirmation of your enrollment.