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Issue 11

It's another issue of Shades of Romance, and I'm thrilled to be here. After a calamities of errors, (I didn't have the right disk, my computer died, and some of the articles were missing on my original disk), I finally had the opportunity to read these wonderful articles.

Like many of you, I've read a variety of self-published books. And many have been wonderful. In fact, some have been so terrific that major publishing houses have chosen to republish those books for their houses. That's certainly not to say, that the others that haven't been chosen aren't wonderful, too. Some authors choose to continue to stay on the road of a self-publisher.

This entrepreneurial spirit is allowing us to read many new voices. And I'm thrilled by their inclusion into the lexicon of our minds. These businesses (and that's what self-publishing truly entails) have sparked new discussion in our communities and have allowed us to discover words and ideas in a new way.

I'm one of those people who go to independent black-owned bookstores and look for books that aren't published by major houses. These authors are taking a great risk, and I've found they are often worth the time it may take to find them. I've read such wonderful books as WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, Camika Spencer and TEMPTATION, Victoria Christopher Murray, and HELLIFIED by Tracy Grant. These books have found new audiences and have introduced some major companies to new readers. HELLIFIED was the first self-published book chosen by Black Expressions Book Club. TEMPTATION was later republished by Walk Worth Press and WHEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE was also republished by Random House.

These emerging writerpreneurs are creating a new paradigm for business and writing. They have done what some of us have only dreamed about--they wrote and published a book that they loved. I can't thank these writers enough for bringing new adventure into my own reading life.

While on vacation this summer, I went to a black bookstore and searched for authors from that area as well as self-published authors. Finding a new book is like finding a great treasure that you can't wait to share with others.

I've been fortunate to live in a large metropolitan area where there are many sources to find books. And, I will go almost anywhere to search for a good book. I'm sure many of your enjoy getting lost in the words of a can't-wait-to-read book.

I hope this issue of Shades of Romance not only inspires to make the extra effort to read and support self-published authors, but to explore your own dreams. And, if you've thought about self-publishing, these pioneers will truly inspire you!

Thanks for joining us--and spread the word.

Pat Byrdsong
For Shades of Romance Magazine

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