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THE PRICE OF PASSION by Evelyn Palfrey

Moon Child Books
African-American Contemporary Romance/Mystery


Review by Lauren Jones

"What would be the proper question to ask her husband of nearly twenty years, when he brings home his baby by another woman, as casually as a bag of groceries she'd asked him to pick up?  Why would he expect her to accept it?  Who's the mother?  Why won't Walter reveal her identity?  What kind of woman would abandon her baby?  Why hasn't she returned to claim the baby?

Should Vivian stay with Walter with his political power and wealth; so that she can keep the baby she's grown to love?  Or, knowing that she can never have a child, should she give up the baby for Marc - - the man who's shown her what love really is?

(Taken from the back cover of The Price of Passion).

Intrigued?  You should be.  The Price of Passion will definitely have you turning the pages on this romance/ fiction/ mystery novel faster than a speeding bullet.  (Well maybe not exactly that fast, but close).
On her very first novel, she is able to capture the reader with her engaging writing style that pulls the reader quickly into the story.  She writes romantic suspense--hot bodies and cold bodies--for the 'marvelously mature'. Her heroes and heroines have a little gray at the temple and a little fullness in places that used to be flat--but they still have a need for romance. The new, hot cover and an excerpt from the book are posted on her website: I read the book when it was originally published and it was absolutely wonderful! It was a page-turner! The story development was fascinating. Just when I thought I knew where the book was going, she took me another direction. Her character development was amazing. I can not believe that she was able to present a detailed picture of each character without ever "describing" them in the book. I had to actually go back and spot check throughout the book...and sure enough, she never "described" any of them; but, yet, I had such a vivid mental picture of each. It was just remarkable. I found her book refreshing. It was mentally challenging; exciting; full of drama but the drama never overshadowed the underlying romance story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fast paced book filled with romance, drama and a little mystery. Ms. Palfrey is definitely a new talent on the scene that will be here for quite a while. Check out The Price of Passion. You won't regret it.




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