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LOVE'S DECEPTION by Adrianne Bryd

BET Books
ISBN 1-58314-136-7
African-American Contemporary Romance

Rated:  3+  GREAT 

Review by Connie Quarles

Carissa Cartel dreamed of being a dancer but her father, a closet artist, wants better for her. All her dreams crash on one fatal day. Now she has become a hard, bitter businesswoman.
CJ Cartel lets nothing get in the way of her business plan. Then on her birthday tragedy appears to strike twice and her life is forever changed when she meets her enemy's son and is instantly attracted to him.
Nathan Edwards is a successful photographer in Florida, but past hurts refuse to allow him to forgive dishonesty. Trust is very hard for Nathan until he meets his father's fiancee and is instantly attracted to her.
As Carissa begs Nathan to give his father a second chance, his feelings for her grow. But will her secret deceit cause their love to be lost forever. Can he forgive her lie when lies was the reason he broke his last engagement. How will he cope when he finds out the complete truth and all the lies that he has based his whole life on?
Read about these two star-crossed lovers, who tread similar paths, search for peace within and true love.




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