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ALWAYS by Deirdre Savoy

BET Books
ISBN  1-58314-168-5
African-American Contemporary Romance


Review by Lauren Jones

An injury to her father brings dancer Jenny Scalan back home briefly to care for her father.  With her return comes a multitude of childhood memories - - most of which focus on the one true love of her life - - Michael Thorne.  Jenny has always loved him but the problem is that he never knew it.  All Michael ever say Jenny as was the little kid that always followed him around.  Jenny had no idea that her father's injury would also bring Michael back into her life and re-ignite a hidden passion giving her a second chance to love the man of her dreams.  The past, however, also opens up old wounds and buried secrets that threaten Jenny's entire world, as she knows it.

Michael Thorne can not believe that the little girl who drove him crazy as a teenager has blossomed into the gorgeous and spirited woman that he now faces.  As a teenager, Michael called Jenny's father his "second" dad.  Their home provided a place of love and nurture.  Michael would always love and respect Jenny's father because he was grateful for everything that he had done for him back then.  Michael could, however, never let Jenny or her father know how he really felt about Jenny then or now.  Michael knew Jenny always had a crush on him as a teenager.  But now he wondered if she could ever see him as the man that he had become.  Michael wants more than he believes she is ready to offer.  As he begins to open up to Jenny about how he feels now, dark secrets of the past threaten to overshadow their new budding relationship.  Jenny and Michael have to face their own insecurities to muster up the courage to trust in their love for one another.  As they learn to trust in one another, they discover that the love that they share is one that will last Always.

Deirdre Savoy  has woven her magical writing spell once again in her latest book, Always.  This book captures a story of the strength and power of love at its naked core.  It will make you believe in young love and the power of your first love.




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