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LOVE'S MIRACLE by Jacquelin Thomas

BET Books
African-American Contemporary Romance


Review by Jeanette Cogdell

I have read all of Jacquelin Thomas' books and have to say that this book is now my favorite. By the time I finished it, I was ready to turn back to
page one to start all over. I really enjoyed this book. I never believed
in love at first sight, but this story has made a believer out of me. Well,
a semi-believer.

In the beginning of this story, you find the Ransom clan celebrating Laine
Ransom's birthday. Laine is putting on a good front for the family, but
heavy on his mind is his inability to have a child. It's been a year since
his divorce, but with his ex-wife working in same place and now pregnant by someone else, it has put a lot of strain on him. His good friend, Marc
Chandler tries to coax him to move back to LA and offers him a job at his

During the celebration, Laine is given gifts from his family and friends
that all have a common theme. The surprise is revealed when his brothers
give him a ticket for a two-week singles cruise.

Across town, Regis Melbourne and her sister Sabrina are discussing the same cruise. Sabrina, who claims to be psychic, clairvoyant, or whatever tells Regis that she needs to take her place on this cruise, because she will meet her future there. Regis is just getting over the breakup of her engagement to a man who married her best friend weeks before their wedding. Sabrina finally convinces her to go.

On board the ship, Regis and Laine meet the first night at dinner. They
have been paired together. Remember, this is a singles cruise. They hit it
off right away. They talk, they dance, and they enjoy each other. They
decide to have breakfast together the next morning and from then on, they
are inseparable. As they spend time together, they come to have strong
feelings for each other. From out of nowhere, Laine proposes to Regis and she says yes. They marry on board the ship.

Now the fun begins. On their wedding night, Laine is talking in his sleep
and calls out another woman's name. Regis is hurt, confused and feels that they rushed into this marriage. So, she leaves before Laine wakes up. Not only does she leave the room, but also she leaves the ship when it docks and goes home. Laine has no idea where she lives or how to find her. He goes home without his bride.

The story deals with the issues of trust in a relationship. Laine and Regis
have both been hurt by past relationships, but still they rushed into a
marriage not knowing much about each other. A situation presents itself
that really has Laine questioning his decision to marry Regis. Regis is
patient with Laine, but is about to lose her cool when he doesn't trust and
believe in her. This is a good one folks.

I'm giving this book a 4. I've already read it twice and I'm sure I'll read
it again. I loved the strength, compassion and patience of the heroine.
She was woman after my own heart. Great character will always make a very good book. Jacquelin has really out done herself this time.




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