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SORM had the pleasure of interviewing one of the hottest cover models of Arabesque Books. We hope you enjoy the interview and the pictures.

SHADES OF ROMANCE MAGAZINE:  How did you get started in modeling?

  I started in modeling when I came to NY in 87 just doing local fashion shows and then I learned about print work , and acting so I got some shots together and shopped myself to agents. You learn that the field is very hit or miss I don't take it personally when I am not used for certain things, You just keep trying or start your own business promoting your assets.

SORM: What's it like doing a photo shoot for a book cover and how is it different from other photo shoots?

ANGELO: Doing a book cover photo shoot is no different than any acting job because you are expected to fulfill a certain role be it a fantasy, a idea, or what ever, it is mostly acting so you just follow directions and become what the photographer is looking for.

SORM: Are you told anything about the story so that they can convey that in the picture?

ANGELO: At the shoot you are just usually given the concept that is to be portrayed for the cover and that is about it. You usually know the Title of the Book but that is about it.

SORM: Have you read any of the books you appear on? (What did you think about it?)

ANGELO: I have never read any of the Books that I am on the cover of but my friends who buy them usually read them and ask if it is about me in reality. I say no of course. I believe the majority of the stories are far from my Character as a person.

SORM: What's it like to see your picture in a magazine or on a book cover?

It is like looking in the mirror when I see myself on a cover or in a magazine. I really don't think anything of it. I often criticize any thing that I thing is off but it is usually out of my hands to do any correcting so I just let it be.

SORM:  Which cover is your favorite?

  At this point "Until there was You " by Francis Ray is my favorite book cover.

SORM: Do you get free copies of the books or just the cover flats?

ANGELO:  Unfortunately I don't get free copies of covers or books , I have to see the book in the store or one of my friends purchases one that they see of me. I have no exclusive contract like a lot of the White Models have so I get no perks. I hope there will one day be a Black Romance Model with a multi book contract.

SORM: How do you feel about touring with the authors to signings?

ANGELO: Touring with the author is from my experience not so fun, I attended one book signing with Francis Ray when she was in NY it was slow and pretty boring also the readers tend to really be there for the author which is where the support should be. I think if they did like a fashion show with several models and did a multi event with like a wi a date contest, it could be fun.

SORM: What is the most outlandish thing you have done because of your good looks?

ANGELO:  I am pretty level and grounded so I have never done any thing outlandish because of "my looks" It is nice to receive favor sometimes when you go places but I let my character be the image that makes people want to do or not do for me.

SORM: Do readers recognize you on the street?

ANGELO:  Yes every now and then readers do recognize me from the book covers or something they have seen me on and it is nice to be recognized and to be a ray of light to that individual because if you cant use your gifts positively they are really good for nothing.

SORM: Describe a romantic evening with you?

ANGELO:  A romantic evening with me is very dependent upon the person. For me romance is daily When ever I express verbally or through action the Love and compassion that I have for my woman that air of love, honestly and commitment brings forth romance on a daily basis it could be me leaving a message on the voice mail or just calling you through out the day.

Flowers are a norm for me so is dinner and what ever else my wife
desires. So it is not the things as it is more the heart of the matter
which cause romance to be manifested.

SORM: Tell us a little about your C4Intense Training?

ANGELO:  C4 Intense Training is a company which I began in 98 to represent my several exercise classes and personal training services which I offer which include videos, clothing and multi fitness agendas. please check out my site where you will find out more about each of my classes, and upcoming videos as well as some photo downloads that you may enjoy viewing. Just log on to

SORM:  Will we see you on anymore covers?

ANGELO: I just did a new cover for Avon books entitled
"Before the Dawn" I am not sure who the author is or when it will be released but it was done in October 2000. It sounds real familiar
doesn't it?

SORM: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

ANGELO: You can expect me to continue my fitness business and web site, more videos in the fitness field and may be a calendar and poster of some of the viewers favorite pictures. I can be emailed at

SORM: Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

ANGELO:   I would like to thank all those who find favor in me as a model or even role model but never to forget the true models in life are those who strive daily to make a difference in your life and the lives of others. God Bless and God's Best to you all.