I hope to inspire women folk towards entering into the world of literature with their heart and soul and bring about the revolution that changes gender norms and patriarchal perspectives.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be “Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud” By Anne Helen Petersen

From the Buzzfeed writer and qualified celebrity gossip expert, Anne Helen Peterson comes the ‘too path-breaking’ novel ‘Too Fat, Too…

Study Hollywood’s Female Trailblazers Through “Backwards And In Heels” By Alicia Malone

Alicia Malone is a film reporter, movie geek, writer, and host from Australia. She…

“All The Lives I Want” By Alana Massey Shows How Culture Can Define You?

How many times has it happened that you think something but do not say it? That happens to me almost…

Maggie Nelson’s “The Argonauts” Unclassified Genre

Maggie Nelson is considered one of the most electrifying writers of America today. ‘The…

Budding Feminists Should Read “Men Explain Things To Me” By Rebecca Solnit

"Men Explain Things To Me" is a novel written by Rebecca Solnit in the year 2014 containing seven essays. It…

“Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?” By Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson is one of UK’s most challenging and beloved authors…

What I believe


I believe that the only way women can get inspired and be the change is when they read about other women who are going through the same experiences as them.

Why this blog


Women have to constantly prove themselves in this world. Only when we read books written by women do we see our reality and get inspired to change this perception.

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Girl Cum - Finally - Female Orgasms Recorded!

Girl Cum – Finally – Female Orgasms Recorded!

These things don’t happen often. The web is filled with porn for men, but where is the place for women’s need? Here it is! This series is proving that women can climax too. And they are better than men by doing it multiple times!

Official Website of Girlcum.

Lil Humpers - Young VS Old Sex

Lil Humpers – Young VS Old Sex

Something that really is going to make you wonder. Lil Humpers is the newest series prepared for us by Reality Kings, old and established brand with world’s most popular XXX content. This time it’s young guys taking advantage (not really) of their MILF partners.

Official Website of Lil Humpers


JOI Mom – Jerking Off Instructions by Moms

If you want to get some real-life knowledge while having fun you need to see series like JOI Mom – where smoking hot MILFs are teaching spectators how to properly please men. Their experience in the subject is second to none and you should take a look!

Official Website of JOI Mom

Wait… There is more!

Scout Boys - scoutboys.orgScout Boys – if you wanted to see what boys adventures are all about then you need to see this one. It’s all about boys becoming men at camps, being scouts surrounded only by other curious men. Enter scoutboys.org for footage.

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