Why Have A Blog For Books Written By Women For Women?

This is a blog dedicated to women who wish to enter the world of Feminism or reading. Owing to the forever existing patriarchal norms of our society, every aspect of a woman’s life is controlled or oppressed. Even female celebrities go through a tough life, what we perceive is only their public figure, they constantly face objectification, bias, and media criticism. As a woman, you must read extensively about all issues that females experience to make yourself capable of facing any life’s problems when they arise.

Books for women’s heart

There is a widespread belief that women are not intelligent and intellectual enough to read. Women have to constantly prove themselves in this world. Only when we read books written by women do we see our reality and get inspired to change this perception. Female writers have been fighting for a long time to strike a balance between what might be acceptable to write about while there are no such barriers for male writers. Therefore, it becomes essential to promote these writers who dare to be unruly. Through this blog, I have tried to highlight some works that have surpassed the gender barriers and women all over the world must be aware of them.

Only when we read will we get a much better understanding of their struggle and in them, see ours.

Only a woman can write honestly and faithfully for other women, and only when we read them do we reinforce their belief in their unruliness and efforts.


That is what I aspire to do as well, draw a connection between the writers and readers to motivate these inspirational women to continue what they aim at achieving, and hope for a revolution.

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