The Unpredictable “Bad Feminist” By Roxane Gay


Roxane Gay, American writer, professor, editor, and commentator.

Roxane Gay is an American writer, editor, cultural critic, and professor. ‘Bad Feminist’ is a collection of a series of essays spanning Feminism, politics, and Criticism. The book is a hilarious and sharp look at how culture shapes who are become and how we are still a long way to achieve the desired standards. I would describe it as ‘a woman taking other women on a journey towards womanhood’. Women readers can understand the cultures of the recent years and the state of Feminism today, understanding of herself, the society, and the culture through ‘Bad Feminist’.

Why must I read it you ask? Well, this book gives a much better understanding of woman’s experiences of different races and cultures. Gay’s personal experience undergoing double-band oppression is also expressed wonderfully. She analyzed movies and books which were racist but widely popular will make you question why you liked these movies in the first place. For readers who are looking for a new angle towards Feminism, this is a must-read.

What you take away from this reading is that you can have a personal opinion and understanding of Feminism, and it will still be valid and acceptable. Gay herself expresses her view on being a Feminist today and what it means to her.

You can be a Feminist depending on whom you think you are and there is no one way of being one, it doesn’t matter what the society and culture perceive it to be.

She calls herself a ‘mess of contradictions’ in the last essay, which is why according to the society she might be a ‘bad feminist’. However we all are messed up, but only a few of us have the strength to admit it.

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