“Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?” By Jeanette Winterson


eanette Winterson, award-winning English writer

Jeanette Winterson is one of UK’s most challenging and beloved authors of all times. Her first semi-autobiographical novel, “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit.” she talked about her unusual and disturbing childhood and was able to win many hearts through her writing. In her following novel, “Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal?”, she wrote a series of memoirs about life’s purpose to find happiness. Some of the short stories that were included in the book were of overly religious zealot mother who is waiting for Armageddon, a girl sitting at the doorstep throughout the night because she has been locked out, the universe as a cosmic dustbin, and many more.

It covers the consequences of a horrific painful past that comes and haunts you in the present and future and how one deals with it by descending into madness in order to find her biological mother, companionship, purpose in life, love, and of course happiness. She has connected her experiences to the works of other authors who provide the depressed, a string to hold on to and prevent sinking.

This beautiful expression of literature acting as a companion is what strikes a chord with many and acts as a supporter itself.

Jeanette’s famous book

She is effectively able to toy with an overplay of past, present, and future and blend science, deep love for writing, realism, and journey together to form these tales of stories. The key element is the forging and forming of one’s identity and making oneself complete in the absence of a loving and nourishing family. She was seen to be both sad about being adopted by such a family and at the same time being glad that she became who she is on her own by fleeing from her parents and establishing her identity. I could also realize the space given to the importance of a loving mother who reflects the affection she has in her eyes. It is a short book but contains some heart-felt pros and emotions.

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